The power of productivity in the home office.

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The REVISIONARY model is an elegant solution for the home office or a mobile and flexible workplace that requires a larger volume of hardware. The model consists of two optically identical halves. The right half with its work surface is used for working on the screen or laptop and the left half as storage for the PC case, printer, folders and other objects. The halves can be opened at a 90° angle, so that all items are within reach of the user and at the same time a working corner with privacy is created. This product consists of veneered plywood worktops and shelves combined with metal panels and an extended metal mesh, making it lighter and more transparent. The work surface is manually height-adjustable and thus also suitable for working while standing.

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Whether in the office of the future, the coworking space, for desk sharing, showrooms or the home office - our movo furniture can be ideally used everywhere. Even remote working at different locations can be easily realized with our smaller models.


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Fast delivery to Munich
Expert is ideal for living rooms adapted for home office today. It is very comfortable and suitable for working with two or more screens at the same time. The stability of the product is exceptional and the Expert fits very easily into already furnished rooms. Delivery to Germany is smooth and fast.
Irena Labazan
February 15, 2021
I love it
"movo is awesome ... high quality, super flexible, movable and important in my case I can look it each evening after my home office work. Great idea and really cool stuff for home and for offices. I love it.
Martin Kempkes
February 1, 2021
As a father of 4 children
I love the fact that this desk is movable (away from kids...😏), foldable, fully equipped - and last but not least - lockable. 😅 Whether your home office is a smaller apartment or larger house - they have models for everybody who enjoys #WFH
Jan de Jong
December 16, 2020
Stability great, flawless performance, a product to recommend.
And really ideal for apartments, the design is very simple and modern, so it can easily fit anywhere.
Ilana Meyer
December 1, 2020
Product specifications


Dimensions (LXBXH)
Closed: 1535x750x1200mm
Opened: 1535x1535x1200mm
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The flexible workplace. A workspace where and when you want.

Mobile and flexible use

Position the workstation wherever you like and then simply turn it into the active workspace or a special piece of furniture after work.

Space-saving -
foldable office.

Cleverly thought-out design enables the greatest possible use in the smallest possible space and in the most diverse applications.


Possibility to change colour, material or add company logo.

Detailed product information

We will be happy to provide you with further information, technical details and DWG files.

Delivery from the factory

The entire development and production takes place at our location. Everything from one source and under one roof.

Preassembled and ready for use

All solutions are delivered pre-assembled and ready to use. No assembly effort.


The optimal solution for your project.
The movo furniture.

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THE VISIONARY is an elegant solution for working from home or at an open office for users who require larger volume of hardware. Combination of two main materials, perforated and full metal sheet makes this product lighter, attractive and unique.


All movo solutions can be customized to meet all your special wishes and needs - everything works.

movo by

We are a team of young, enthusiastic and creative individuals who will elaborate ideas together with your requirements and look for the best solution which will create an ideal environment for your business. You have a vision, we have a way to get you there.


years of experience

The product is developed by team from SOBOČAN company, one of european market's leaders in shopfitting and office furnishing. Our 200 employee expert team contributes to realisation of most demanding design solutions and we've been successful at it for 20 years.



Our architecture and design professionals work closely with our customers and fulfill their design wishes.



Customers in more than 31 countries worldwide.


A desk
for a new era.


MOVO in the press

movo by Sobocan was awarded "Best of Best" at this year's Iconic Awards 2021: Innovative Interior. The mobile office unit represents the development towards "Living Multispaces".
Office furniture that you want to have at home. When I saw an ad for movo on Facebook a few days ago, I first thought that it was a foreign company dealing with innovative solutions. I really didn't even think that behind everything there is a company that has its production and management in Murski Središće. Congratulations guys!
Professional working conditions when working from home. The movo mobile office offers professional working conditions when working from home and is also an attractive design element.

Product overview



design 01

The STAR model is characterized by its plywood construction, a material that provides strength, structure and a natural feel.

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design 02

THE STARLIGHT is a lighter and more affordable version of THE STAR that folds quickly and takes up minimal space when folded. The perforations can serve as a stand for the device or for storing office accessories.

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free spirit


design 03

FREE SPIRIT'S design idea is to have the working element easily transferred from one room to another depending on home activities.

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design 04

The PERFORMER model is the most compact model in the collection, with a height of only 78 cm. Nevertheless, it absolutely fulfils all work requirements, as do other models in the collection.

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design 05

Designed for users who have difficulty storing their desktop computers in tight spaces at home, the EXPERT model is also our most compact desktop-sized unit.

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design 06

The VISIONARY model is an elegant solution for the home office or an open space office that requires a larger volume of hardware. The advantage of this product is a worktop that can be adjusted in height, depending on user requirements.

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design 07

GENIUS is a model for users who prefer to isolate themselves from their environment during work in order to focus on work, so that their family or colleagues know that they are not available at the moment.

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We will be happy to support you with detailed product information for your project.

For architects, planning offices and resellers, we are happy to provide planning templates and 3D drawings